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We do NOT charge tenants any fees or charges for applying to rent a property, and tenants who pay their rent on time and observe the terms of the tenancy will never need to pay us any fees or charges.


We provide all our services to Landlords on a NO LET - NO FEE basis.
Our standard services are a Full Management service and a Tenant Finding service. We are always happy, however, to tailor our services to your exact requirements.

Full Management: our standard fee for our Full Management service is 12% of the monthly rent, inclusive of VAT, with a minimum of £48 per month. We do not charge any intial or setting up fees.

Tenant Finding Service: our standard fee for our Tenant Finding service is a one off charge of 80% of the monthly rent (inclusive of VAT) whenever we find a tenant willing and able to rent the property, with a minimum of £320. We do not charge any intial or setting up fees.

Reduced fees: in some situations we will be happy to charge a reduced fee; this may apply for larger and more expesive properties, for landlords who place a large portfolio of properties with us, or in other situations where it is appropriate to do so.

Miscellaneous charges


How does Simply Rent keep its fees low?

We charge amongst the lowest fees in the area. We do this:

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