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This page is for individual tenants. Please go to Company Applications if you wish to rent a property through a company.

If you satisfy the necessary criteria you can apply on line

  1. Will I be able to rent a house or flat from Simply Rent?
  2. What are the standard terms for renting a property
  3. What will I need to provide in order to rent a property
  4. How do I apply to rent a property?
  5. How do I complete the application form?
  6. How does my Guarantor apply?
  7. Do I need to provide proof of identity and proof of my address?
  8. What would be the key terms of my tenancy?
  9. Where can I get the necessary application forms?
  10. What do I do with the forms when I have completed them?
  11. What will you do with the information I provide?

1. To rent a property from us you must:

If you cannot meet these conditions please contact us as we can often agree special arrangements such as an additional deposit or the payment of additional rent in advance.

2. Our standard terms for all properties are:

3. To rent a property from us you will need to provide the following:

If you require a Guarantor you will also need to provide:

Please note that if you will be claiming housing benefit or Local Housing Allowance you will still need to pay the deposit and rent in advance and you will be required to provide a suitable Guarantor

4. Applying for a tenancy

To rent a property from us you will need to do the following:

Step 1: view the property

When you have identified a property that interests you we will arrange an appointment for you to view the property; you may be shown around by ourselves, by the landlord, or by the current tenant

If you cannot keep an appointment we have agreed you must inform us in plenty of time; if you do not do so we will not make any other appointments for you to see any property

If, having viewed the property, you decide that you want to rent it you should tell us immediately; you should also tell us if you have any special requirements or are unsure of any point relating to the property or the proposed tenancy; we will provide a copy of our standard tenancy agreement if you ask us.

Step 2: complete application forms

Once you have told us that you would like to rent the property you should complete the necessary application forms and send them to us

You can download the application forms from or we can send them to you by email or by post; we recommend that you send the applications back to us by fax if you can

It normally takes about 2 working days to validate your application once we start to process it

Step 3: pay the deposit

We will not process your application until we have received your deposit; we will tell you how much deposit we require; you pay this to us (not the Landlord) as a holding deposit to cover our costs or the Landlord's losses if you later withdraw (see below)

You must pay the deposit in one of the following ways:

If your application is not approved we will refund your deposit immediately unless you provide false information on your application in which case we may charge you £25.00 + VAT per person to cover our costs in processing it

If you withdraw your application after we have started to process it we may charge you £25.00 + VAT per person to cover our costs

If, when your application is approved, you confirm that you wish to rent the property we will hold your deposit as a holding deposit until the start of the tenancy when it will be used as payment (or part payment) of your tenancy deposit; if you change your mind before the start of your tenancy we will deduct our reasonable costs, and any reasonable losses that the Landlord has incurred by withdrawing the property from the market, before refunding any balance to you

If you proceed with the tenancy we will hold your deposit as 'Stakeholder' throughout your tenancy in accordance with the requirements of the Tenancy Deposit Scheme, a deposit protection scheme authorised by the Government; at the end of the tenancy we will refund it to you providing that the property is in good order and there are no arrears or rent or other charges; if you and the landlord cannot agree on how much of your deposit should be refunded to you the Tenancy Deposit Scheme will arrange for the dispute to be settled by an independent arbitrator unless either of you wish to use the Courts.

Step 4: take over the property

We will make an appointment with you to meet at the property you are renting and hand it over to you; this will take between 30 minutes and 1 hour. If you are providing a Guarantor then he/she must also attend this meeting if he/she has not already signed the Agreement.

You will need to bring with you (unless we have already received them):

We will bring:

Together we will need to:

5. Tenant's Application Form (Form T1)

We will require a Tenant's Application Form from each person to be named on the Tenancy Agreement.

You must ensure that:

If you do not do this the form may have to be returned to you and you may lose the property.

6. Guarantor

A Guarantor is someone who agrees to pay the rent or other money that you owe if you don't.

We will require a Guarantor's Application Form if you have to provide a Guarantor. The application form should be completed in the same way as the Tenant's Application.

Your Guarantor will be required to sign a legally binding agreement to pay all rent and other charges due if you fail to do so. If your Guarantor later decides to end his/her Guarantee Agreement you may have to leave the property.

7. Proof of identity and residency at current address

We require the following for each tenant and guarantor (you should give us a photocopy of each document and show us the original):

Proof of identity

This should be one of the following:

Proof of residency

This should be one of the following:

8. Your tenancy

Once you have taken over the flat or house the most important fact to remember is that the property is the landlord's private property. As a tenant you have the right to live in the property without interference by the landlord, but the landlord is entitled to expect that you will look after the property as he/she would if they were living in the property themselves.

The terms of all tenancies may be varied by agreement between the landlord and the tenant, but you should assume that the following terms will be included unless we have specifically told you otherwise.


You must pay the rent in full and on time by bank standing order. We allow 3 working days from the date your rent is due for it to reach our account. If we have agreed that you can pay rent in any other way you must ensure that we receive it by 5.00 pm on the day it is due. If we do not receive your rent in time we will charge you for the work we have to do in keeping the landlord informed and in chasing you for payment.

What you must do:

The following is a brief list of some of your obligations:

What you must not do:

The following is a brief list of some of the things you must not do:

Ending the tenancy

You may terminate the tenancy after the end of the initial fixed term (normally 6 months) by giving one month's notice in writing. Any notice you give will be effective from the next monthly anniversary of the commencement date of the tenancy and will expire one month later. For example, if your tenancy commenced on 15 April and you wished to leave in November you would have to give one month's notice on or before 15 October, and your tenancy would terminate on 15 November.

If the landlord wishes to terminate your tenancy the same conditions apply except that the landlord will give two month's notice. The landlord cannot terminate the tenancy during the first 6 months unless the tenant has broken the terms of the Tenancy Agreement.

Moving out

When you come to move out of the property you must ensure that the property is clean and tidy throughout (both interior and exterior), and that all the items listed on the Inventory are clean and undamaged and in the room against which they are listed in the Inventory.

Once you have returned the keys to us we cannot allow you back into the property to clean it or put right any damage. If the property needs cleaning or damage needs repairing we would be obliged to engage contractors to complete the necessary work; you would have to pay for this.


When you moved into the property you paid us a deposit. We hold this as "stakeholder" on behalf of both you and the landlord. When you move out of the property we will refund this deposit to you providing that the rent is up to date and the property in at least the condition it was in when you moved in.

We aim to refund the deposit within a few days of you moving out. If, however, there are faults or damage to be repaired we cannot release the deposit until these repairs are completed. You should, therefore, in your own interests ensure that all faults and damage are repaired before you leave the property.

If you and the landlord cannot agree on how much of your deposit should be refunded to you the disputed amount will be handed over to an arbitration service authorised by the Government and the arbitrator will decide how the disputed money should be divided between you.

9. Where can I get the forms and documents required?

We can send you the necessary form by post or email.

You can also download them using the links below. We recommend that you print off sufficient copies of the form, complete and sign them, and send them to us by post or fax (we need signed hard copies for legal reasons).

If the form does not download when you click on it please try right-clicking on it with your mouse..

To read and use these forms you will need an up to date version of Adobe Acrobat Reader which you can download free of charge via this button.

Form T0 Tenant's Application Guide
Form T1 Tenant's Application
Form T2 Guarantor's Application
Tnt Decl Tenant's Declaration *
Gua Decl Guarantor's Declaration *

* note: we require a signed and dated declaration from each Tenant and Guarantor; applications are processed on our behalf by HomeLet and these signed declarations are required to authorise HomeLet to validate your application; please sign and date the appropriate declaration - no other information is required on these forms

10. What do I do with the forms and documents?

All completed forms and other documents should be sent to us by fax or by post to the address and fax number shown on the form. You can also scan them and email them to us. Please remember that we will not process your application until we have eceived your deposit in cleared funds.

11. What will you do with the information I provide?

All information provided may be subjected to verification; all information provided and the results of any verification process may be held in computer or paper records by us and may be released to the landlord or to any other person or organisation entitled by law to receive it; it may also be passed to any credit referencing tracing or other agency if the property is vacated in an unsatisfactory condition or leaving monies owing to us, the Landlord, or to any other person or organisation connected in any way with the property or the landlord.

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